MAGLight Theatre Co.


We’re thrilled to introduce you to MAGLight Theatre Company; where we love glorifying God with individuals from nearby communities while pursuing excellence in theatre arts.  Our aim is to benefit the churches of Manistee, Mason, Benzie and Lake counties by offering powerful productions that bless lives across the state of Michigan (but why stop there!?).  MAGLight Theatre Co. wants to help facilitate the gifts and talents of local people so they may be amplified and used to glorify God in the greatest capacity possible.


MAGLight Theatre Co. is a Community Ministry that is just what it sounds like a Theatre Company.  We believe in the power of Truth and know that theatre is a powerful communicator of that.  Theatre breaks down walls and defenses, allowing the audience to engage their hearts and emotions in a personal experience through which the Holy Spirit can minister.

Producers MAGLight Theatre Co. was established by Rev. Patrick B. and Rev. Joanie Pointer in 2013 with the vision of raising others up into the areas of producing, directing and managing the theatre company.

Together they have written, produced and directed 13 full length Christian Musical Dramas and established Serenity Productions Drama Ministry. Many of the productions have been done by other churches across the United States with one production making its way to Poland.  Together they also pioneered Clown Square, a Christian Clown Troupe involving 26 clowns over a 10 year period.  They were the first Christian Clowns ever allowed in the ICU Unit at a Children’s Hospital, the Sinai Hospital in Detroit, as well as Jackson State and Ionia State Prisons.

The Vision Our vision is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our area through the Arts, and to use it as a creative avenue to draw people to salvation.  Our desire is to partner with local churches and ministries in Manistee, Mason, Benzie, and Lake counties in an effort to spark something ‘new’ into the lives of those whose talents are presently laying dormant.


Company Members  MAGLight Theatre Co. is open to anyone from our congregations and communities who wish to be involved (in any capacity large or small).  Want to be involved but don’t want to sing, or act?  No problem!  There are plenty of ‘behind the scenes’ opportunities available to you that are incredibly important in making our productions and events the best they can be.   All productions by MAGLight Theatre Co. are accomplished solely through the use of dedicated volunteers who graciously lend their time and talents to the Kingdom of God.


MAGLight Theatre Co. is involved in theatre ministry on many scales:

  • Large productions  Sometimes these are plays, sometimes they are musicals.  We have 2-4 slots a year that will make up our season though it will vary from year to year.  One of our missions is to continue to write original plays that can be published and performed elsewhere.  We’ll continue to stay current by, always adding to our library of theatre literature.
  • Workshops  Periodically throughout the year we may offer workshops and classes that will help train you in a specific skill or technique of theatre.  Often times these workshops are connected with an element of an upcoming production.
  • Events  In addition to performing, we also host events (as well as aid other ministries in our community in hosting events of their own).  These events are geared toward churches and communities in an effort to minister to the un-churched and become a practical form of outreach.  We are always searching for new ideas to combine theatre and outreach so if you have ideas, let us know!
  • Theatre as Needed  We also come alongside any ministry that is in need of some theatrical additions.  We gladly participate in dramas for mission trips, street dramas with the evangelism team, skits for a Women’s/Men’s/Children’s Ministry events, etc… If you need it, we can do it!


  • MAGLight Kid’s Theatre Company  For kids!
    • A Children’s Theatre.  A future element of MAGLight Theatre Company is performing for children and families.  Look for more information coming soon about this one!
  • MAGLight Youth Theatre Company  For youth!
  • MAGLight Fine Arts Competition This is an Annual Competition for youth involved in all of the Arts.  It ranges from the Performing Arts to the Physical Arts such as Painting, Sculpture, Video Productions, Speaking, Instrumental Music, Poetry, Writing etc. Regional Competition takes place on a State level and the top scorers go to National Competition.
  • MAGLight Video Productions
    • Video Productions to be made available to any church for video illustrations, Sermons, outreaches and other events.  Eventually branching out into the making of Christian Movies like ‘Courageous’, and ‘God’s Not Dead’.


Prior to any new event or production, we announce auditions/sign-ups on our website, Facebook page(see below), via email (for previous cast members or those who request notice), and during services at: Manistee Assembly of God 611 Merkey Rd. W Manitee, MI 49660.

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Call us anytime! (Please leave a message if your call rolls to voicemail) Phone: (231) 723-4332